FAQ on our Cedol Decking Oil & Wood Preserver

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Posted on: 07/12/2021

What timbers is Cedol Wood Preserver suitable for?

Cedol wood preserver is suitable for use on many soft timbers and timbers that are low in Tannins such as Cedar, Pine and Larch. Woods that contain high level Tannin’s such as Oaks and general hard timbers are generally not suitable for Cedol Wood Preserver application. We always recommend that a small test on spare timber or an inconspicuous area is undertaken.
What if the timber has been previously treated?

If the area has been previously treated or sealed with a solvent, varnish, wax or paint, we recommend that the previous treatment is completely removed from the timber prior to application. Cedol Wood Preserver will not penetrate waxes, paints or varnishes and will sit on top of these causing poor finish and slippery surfaces.
What if the timber is suffering from Algae and Fungal attack?

Although Cedol Wood Preserver is excellent at reducing Algae and Fungal growth, it is not formulated to remove it, we recommend that all areas suffering attack, are manually removed and cleaned prior to application of Cedol.
What type of finish can I expect once the timber has been treated?

Although the product presents as straw coloured, it is a clear dry product and contains no dyes or pigments, however once treated and the oil has penetrated the timber it will display a ‘wet look’ identical to if it has been wet with water and hence make the timber darken slightly. Once allowed to dry the natural colour will begin to return. Again, we recommend a small test area is carried out to ensure that the finish will be suitable to what is expected or desired.