Colour Matching

Do you have a colour that you can't find a match for?

Here at Smith and Allan we know the importance of colour and getting it right for your project.

What we need from you, is a sample of the colour you are looking for. The easiest way is to pop down to our shop in Darlington, and we can match it whilst you wait. However, we understand that not everyone is local so we offer the service via post if required.

How we do it?

1. Examine Sample

2. Identify Colour

3. Mix Paint

4. Satisfied Customer

How we do it?

What to do?

We need something a least 1” square in order to match appropriately.

Pop it in an envelope, along with your contact details, and the type of paint you are after, and address it to;

Smith & Allan
Valley Street North

Once we receive it, we will take a look and give you a call to discuss. The cost for the match is £5.00 + VAT.

We can provide matches for all road vehicles and more!